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The Company

Wiztech Automation Research and Development Unit is a Frontline Training Organization Located at Cochin,Kerala. Started in the year 2006, Wiztech is on the Verge of Completing one decade in the field of training in industrial automation. Wiztech is focused on imparting quality training to the students of engineering, freshly graduated engineers and also those employed in industrial units, who look for skill up-gradation. An IAO and ISO certified organization, the company's directors have been focusing on the mission to engage their time and energies to develop facilities for providing quality training to inculcate employable engineering skills.

Automation - a Fast Growing & Evolving Field

The company could sense early that the future in the engineering industry was more focused on automation. Need for a quality oriented training base where students acquire thorough conceptual knowledge together with practical hands on experience in the field of industrial automation was felt. On completion of training, the successful candidates would be ready for absorption in the cross section of the industrial landscape.

The focus of the company has been consistently on creation of facilities in the training arena. The company has been aware that the changing and modified technological developments in the field of industrial automation call for knowledge up-gradation and also infra-structure & lab related facilities so that the faculty members could enable the students getting trained acquainted with the latest developments in the changing and advancing needs in the industries.

Industrial Automation - Training at Wiztech

Automation is that part of the industry - specially, manufacturing units - where the processes involving multi-various operations call for automation leading to reduction of manpower and also improvements in production volumes simultaneously upgrading quality aspects too. Industrial Automation processes include all the paraphernalia to attain this objective. Industrial electronics has opened the gates for automation and today Industrial Automation is a high-tech and most pertinent process area in every industrial shop floor - be it a manufacturing, processing or for that matter any production unit. Wiztech, cochin,kerala, has a special place in the PLC Training arena for the best training in industrial automation through knowledge delivery and hands on practical experience. Wiztech focused its training operations on automation technologies involving - PLC SCADA DCS HMI VFD, VSL, Embedded systems, apart from IT development and Web designing and Web development training and services. Wiztech earned a high reputation in providing training and servicing. Wiztech is also into project based Erection, commissioning and maintenance of all industrial automation, embedded and other systems offering turn-key solutions.

Centers in Prime Locations & Well Equipped

Wiztech has two Main branch institutional centers in Anna Nagar Chennai and Wiztech Automation R&D Unit in cochin,kerala. Both the centers are located in a very prime area & two floors each having a total area 10000-12000 square feet. One of the locations is for Training & R & D. The infra-structure and the industrial lab facilities in Wiztech Automation make it unique. Well qualified faculty members who have years of practical experience even in servicing of the Automation equipment train the students. Wiztech hence could deliver explorative theoretical knowledge and hands on working experience to the students of the centres.

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