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DRIVES Training in Cochin,Kerala

DRIVES - VFD Automation Training

A VFD (variable-frequency drive) is also called Variable-speed drive, AC drive, micro drive or inverter drive. This is a kind of adjustable-speed-drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to exercise a control over AC Motor speed and torque. This is achieved through change in input frequency and voltage. VFDs are used for various applications with different capacities to handle small or large appliances – mill drives, compressors, etc. As per an international study, over 25% of the electrical energy is being consumed worldwide by electrical motors in industrial applications. VFDs that way take care of huge energy savings. VFD Technology has been progressively advancing and due to power electronics technology, the size and cost of VFDs have reduced with continually improved performance. VFDs are available for AC-AC and DC-AC versions. VFD Automation Training covering VFD would enable the students to enrich their knowledge and skills in the subject area.

Wiztech Automation made it the organization’s mission to ensure that the students are always trained thoroughly both in theory and practical aspects with hands on working opportunities in the VFD Automation Training, since without the skill to handle one cannot just have the knowledge. In VFD Training, Wiztech covers AC drives, DC drive and servo drive, VFD panel wiring, parameter settings and its communications with PLC / DCS using Modbus protocol. Incorporation of various sensor-settings for acceleration and deceleration controls of motors is an important area covered in the syllabus of VFD Training

With the individual focus that Wiztech Automation provides on VFD Automation Training, the students will be very comfortable and they enjoy their time space for better understanding and assimilation. After the students complete their Training, the students are certified in the course completion and are also provided placement for job opportunities. While undergoing VFD Automation Training, depending on the requirement the students who hail from outside cochin,kerala city and also outside India, are provided free accommodation.

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